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My primary function is getting clients educated on basic SEO, well-positioned in search engines and prepared to maintain this position. I work daily with domains, keywords, search engines and meta-tags in order to bring your website to the forefront of search results and positions. I will gladly answer any questions you have if you Contact Him or request my services.

Search Marketing

There are many ways to conquer search engines - both paid and strategic. Most individuals who want quick access to searchers will use services such as Google's AdSense or Miva to bid on keywords which will be displayed with certain searches and on relevant websites. Some webhosts, such as BlueHost and Just Host offer free credits that can be put to use marketing your website. By employing my services, I will help you put your money and strategies into play with all the major search engines, securing you a better rank and position for searchers to find you.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management is a service I offer for those of you who already have an online presence - a presence that you neither need nor want, often content posted by someone other than yourself. People often come to me for services such as this in a preventive measure also, hoping to avoid this issue in the future. Building a strong presence online will avoid people stumbling upon misrepresented information about you or your business. Use the Contact Page to get more details about this service.

Local Search

Local Search is a feature built into Google and other search engines that allows you to list your business or profile, which will then be displayed on a map for anyone searching for local businesses. I will help you set this feature up so that your business will be found by even more people in your immediate area. Local Search optimization is a key feature for any business that deals with in-person relations and contact.



SEO-Writer is a great resource for researching and learning about the SEO trade before investing in SEO services, ensuring that you know what to ask for to help with your specific needs.

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is your source for SEO tips, whether your site be large or small - these tips will help maintain the position we gain for you.


Information, Ratings and General SEO Goodness. A great example of SEO success and the success you can achieve.